Sunday, June 1, 2008

Perfect Post Award for a BPA Bedtime Story

Perfect Post Award – 0508

Since 2006, Petroville and Suburban Turmoil have held the Perfect Post Awards "in order to share personally captivating posts within a supportive community." I'm pleased to say I got my act together in time this month to submit my fave. My instructions as a presenter said to pick a post "that made you cry, touched your heart, had you laughing out loud or made you believe in magic again. Whatever the word perfect means to you."

Well, friends, you know that a post about bisphenol-A that a)fingers specific corporate PR firms who got paid to spin the poisoning of our children and b)figured out the name of our BPA folk hero in Canada who spearheaded the movement to ban the chemical there spells P-E-R-F-E-C-T to me! The Cleaner Plate Club is one of my favorite food blogs; it's full of great recipes, insightful commentary about food politics, and, best of all, humorous and -- dare I say it again? -- perfect writing. It's a blog started by a mom who, in her words, began to blog in response to: "Hormones in milk. Pesticides on produce. Feces on meat. Say what? I’m not a foodie, I’m rarely a cook, and I don’t have the time for slow food. Truth is, all I’m looking for is a decent meal - preferably one that my kids will eat, as well. So I begin my quest for a cleaner plate. If you’re looking for a better meal - one that is fresh, healthful, and unsullied - then you can consider yourself a member of the Cleaner Plate Club, too."

Sign me up! Without further ado, here's my May 2008 Perfect Post Award: Toxic Plastic and BPA: A Cleaner Plate Club Bedtime Story.

Thanks so much, Cleaner Plate fairy blogmother, for the comprehensive review; I didn't know that Patagonia phased out BPAs three years ago (woo hoo), nor did I know the details of the FDA's weaselly scientific basis for ruling BPA safe. Mostly, though? I love this post because it made me laugh out loud (lines like "my unlikely stud-muffin of a conservative politician, Tony Clement...")

Don't take my word for it, though. Head on over to the Cleaner Plate Club and check it out. For other Perfect Post Award winners, head on over to Petroville.

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