Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little People on the Road Swap

If you're interested in participating in this round of the Little People Swap, send them an email today to sign up. It's megandmag at gmail dot com -- and by signing up, you're committing to making and/or buying a stuffed animal or doll, then taking pictures of it on all of your summer adventures. You'll need to send postcards from the road and then wrap it all up by making a scrapbook of the whole business for your swap partner family. They get to keep the travelling buddy, btw, so if your kids are possessive you may want to make more than one Special Travelling Friend. I'm just saying. Anyways, don't take it from me, head over to the Little People Swap and check it out! Today's the last day to sign up so act now!

*I figure noting here that the closest thing to a stuffed animal sewed by MamaBird's hands is a beanbag (see above pic) might inspire you to think you can do this too! Thanks so much again to our swap partner from last round, Michelle at Mommies Think Too.

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Lisa said...

Are you really going to do a beanbag? I haven't decided what to do yet - I definitely don't sew! I would have done Flat Stanley (from the book by Jeff Brown) if I had an older swap partner, but mine is an itty bitty. Hmmm. Maybe a bumble bee plush from the beehive state - fitting eh? I'm just afraid that a plush would be dirty and covered with doghair by the time we pass it along. Maybe our "buddy" will end up being a truck!
Thanks for being the one to tell me about this - so fun!