Friday, June 6, 2008

Thanks to Crunchy Chicken

So, you've heard me write about Crunchy Chicken and her zany challenges (her tagline is "putting the mental in environmental"), but you may not read her blog. I'm here to tell you that she is one entertaining eco-mother clucker. She is the real McCoy, the greenest bird of all MamaBirds. I'm just sayin', I might try to keep the AC off until August, but I am not using cloth instead of toilet paper any time soon. Capiche?

Late last week, Crunchy thought she might throw in the blogging towel since she's got more on her plate than the rest of us combined (she's got two kids, a job, an unpaid calling she can't resist - helping all of us see the greenlight, a garden that could feed all of Seattle from the sounds of it, and, as if she weren't already ten women combined, her husband is battling cancer). Today, in honor of her efforts to help us all be better to our Mother Earth in so many hilarious ways, bloggers across the green 'sphere are joining together to say thanks to Crunchy Chicken.

One of the 17,000 projects near and dear to Crunchy's heart is Goods For Girls, which I've blogged about before. On her own initiative, in about as much time as I usually take to think up and then start cogitating an idea, Deanna started a nonprofit and got reusable pads in the hands of girls in Africa, enabling them to go to school. Those of us who read Deanna's words daily, who avidly appreciate her sense of humor and frank challenges that get us all to motivate in her prompt and I-never-would-have-thought-this-possible fashion, are donating as much as we can in her honor to Goods For Girls. If you read Crunchy Chicken, or even if you are just impressed by the fortitude of someone who's raising two young children and raising the environmental consciousness of hundreds of people while facing her husband's life threatening illness, please consider making a gift to Goods4Girls. Dollars or hand-sewn pads are all welcome.

And by all means, if you haven't read her blog, do check it out! Deanna, thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me snort and sputter on a daily basis as you open my eyes to new paths toward sustainability.

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Green Bean said...

Great tribute, fantastic summary of who Crunchy is and what she represents to us.