Sunday, June 8, 2008

ManBabies for Father's Day - Dad?
Make one for your baby daddy at!

Could this idea be any more genius? For a sweet and eco-friendly Father's Day gift, skip the power tools and pop a picture of your kid and her papa over to If you just want the picture to show up on their blog (and you can then embed it in your blog like the sample above--which is not PapaBird, btw) let 'em know. That's free. If you want to keep your gross distortion of fatherly love private (not posted on the wide interwebs), then shoot them an email asking for a private digitized version to be sent to you. That's what I did -- and we are all still guffawing at the results, especially EGirl. The kind folks at ManBabies said they'd be happy to make more if anyone's interested in this option. They said they'll charge $15 for a custom ManBaby. For me? They are priceless.... Everlasting gratitude to GoodyBlog for the heads-up (heh heh) on the Father's Day gift only a Hunter S. Thompson-addicted daddy would love.


Green Me said...

That is truly horrific in a cute sort of way! I'll have to try it out ;)

Susannah said...

Thanks for linking to a site that answers the question, can cute ever be creepy? Yes.