Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Little People Swap

Anyone else hankering to break up the winter doldrums for their little 'uns? Want your kid to get a care package from some *other kids*? Check out this great pen-pal-type idea at Little People Swap, set up by a couple of friends and mommy bloggers (see full instructions at The Mama Chronicles but I've put the essentials below).

"You do not have to pick out a theme but that would probably be helpful as you pick items to send. It would be best to stay away from commercialized themes like Elmo, Barbie, and such. Instead a good theme might be make believe, mail, library, art, etc. You can make, buy, or send gently used items. If you choose to spend money then the upper end should be about 10 dollars plus shipping (this does not include the value you have of anything you choose to send from your home or your the value of your time.) The swaps will be organized by family groups. So you may have 2 children and swap with a family that has 1 or more children.

Things that should definitely be included in your package:
A picture of your family or at least the kids
A postcard or map of where you are from or photograph of your city/ house
A note, either written or dictated and transcribed by an adult

The commitment for this swap is :

1) email your partner introducing your family and answering a few provided questions

2) one package shipped by April 1

3) either an email thank you or send a thank you card
in response.

If you choose to do any more that is up to you. But this is the minimum.

To join in send an email to megandmag(at)gmail(dot)com In your email include your name, the names of your children, their ages and genders, your location, and how you heard about the swap. The deadline to sign up is March 10 or when we reach 50 number of participants, which ever comes first. My co-conspirator and I will try to match up similar age families, but can not make any promises."

Check out her site if you're going to participate; she has some great ideas.

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