Monday, March 31, 2008

Buy Nothing Challenge

Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008

Click through if you're game for an exercise in controlling your consumption for the month of April. Crunchy Chicken's at it again! A bunch of bloggers who are fumbling towards a greener life (ok, that's me, lots of them have actually made great strides!) are publicly committing to buying nothing for a whole month. Obviously, food and medicine are fair game (although I think I will try to eat as much as I can from the stores we've got -- and buck up, little immune systems! When I was a kid, we didn't even *have* amoxycillin). I keep talking about trying to stop consuming -- this is just what I need!



Green Me said...

You were writing about guilt a few weeks ago, and I think this challenge will find me guilty. I'd love to participate -- ever since I came across the compacting mama's a few weeks ago I've been thinking that this is something that should be done. big "BUT" is that April is my b-day month, I am still wearing maternity pants, all 3 pairs of which now have holes in the right knees, because I don't fit back in my non-maternity pants. It is embarrassing to go around so frumpy, so I have been planning a shopping excursion of some sort for this month. For me this raises the question: "How do we live greener, reduce our impact, but not end up living like hobos?" So, I can't honestly pledge to buy nothing, but I will pledge to be mindful of my purchases, not buy in excess, and research the greenest options (that won't break the bank). Good luck -- and please do report back!

Mrs. G. said...

I think I can take this challenge and succeed. I'm off to read more. Did you turn your lights out Saturday night? I know that you did.

MamaBird said...

Green Me, you're one of the people I was talking about who have already figured out how to live in an eco friendly way. Have a great birthday! I love your question, btw, about "hobo" living. And I think careful choosing, ie valuing what you buy, is a perfect way to honor "stuff" by not buying into planned obsolescence. No guilt for you!

And Mrs. G -- we did indeed turn our lights out -- candlelight and snuggly 4 year old and all. It rocked. Glad you're joining up, altho it seems like you are wise beyond my years and probably had this nailed already.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a challenge! i couldn't ignore the purchase of my medication, but beyond that... well. i've failed already, having been to the supermarket and target already this month.

i can't wait to see how you do it so that i might learn how to improve my own habits! until then, i will try to be mindful this month. starting now :)

Starshine said...

Wow! What a commitment! Let us know what your consumerism-free month is like.

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