Thursday, March 13, 2008

Children Are Greener than Green

Don’t you just love your little leprechauns? All zero-population-growth qualms aside, I have to say that the little people I know are awfully green. Why, may you ask?

Well, most kids I know are water conservationists: they passionately hate showers and baths. Because of their heightened awareness of the shortage of potable water worldwide, of course. Most kids I know go even further and help their parents to conserve water. By shrieking in horror when you disappear behind the non-vinyl hemp shower curtain, toddlers keep your shower time to a mere 17 seconds -- one or two times a week.

The little green ones are also food politicos who’ve been keeping tabs on the news: they want to eat PB&Js 24-7 as a vegan, lower-their-food miles statement (I swear I heard my 4 year old asking if that was local jam…).

The baby enviros also want to wear the same clothes every day and they don't care if they are dirty. Reuse, baby! They can run around in 20 below wind chill in a t shirt (so don't blame them if your thermostat's high) and they would really rather walk than barf in that car while you burn fossil fuels, mom. They really can't get their mouths around those disposable plastic water bottles anyways so you'd better bring a refillable metal sippy for your Baby Greens. They fuel the hand me down chain (everything once worn by an older cousin has indisputable cachet) and finally, our little leprechauns would be happy playing in the recycling (toilet paper trumpet, anyone?) if we'd just let them.

If you’re not ready to just sit and bask in the reflected green glory of your offspring, here are some resources for environmentally friendly St. Patrick’s Day celebrations:

Lucky fruit salad and other natural green food ideas (homemade spinach pasta, anyone?)...

Not-fake-chemical green dye (for the cupcake frosting!)...

Slow food alternatives to corned beef and cabbage (like Shepherd’s Pie, mmm)... and a

Wiki for "Organic local solar powered booze"!

Happy St. Patty's Day! I’d love to know the ways in which your kids kick your enviro arse!

*Photo courtesy of Michal Zacharzewski, SXC

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Sarita said...

I love this post! And it is so are naturally "green" and we have a lot to learn by observing and emulating them! Can't wait to check out your links...

The Expatriate Chef said...

Thanks for the link! You know, we conserve water and time by having the little one shower with me. Add a few cars and ducks and a small child running around the bottom of the shower, it sure makes shaving your legs interesting.