Monday, February 4, 2008

Run and Grab Some Vino, Sweetie

To-the-point health roundup for your Monday: Have a glass of wine every now and then; get off your duff and make sure you're jogging, not biking; don't worry about animal fats as long as you're eating Pollan-esque real food; stay far, far away from the off-brand hospitals; and junk the chemical cleaners and Teflon pans while you're at it. Hmmm, live the Amish life in a big city with a modern hospital?

  • The good news? If you drink moderately and exercise, you're less likely to have a heart attack. Have you been sipping vino while playing Wii tennis? Did you drink a margarita and then play hide and seek? Score! (If you're pregnant, nursing, or concerned about correlations between breast cancer and alcohol, don't worry, exercise alone lowered risks of heart attacks). via ABCNews
  • If you're going to have a heart attack, head to a top-ranked hospital -- you're 27% less likely to die there (and not just during your angioplasty). Check out the rankings in your area (free). via ScienceDaily
  • Another validation of my love for buttery, crispy chicken skin (which, I must admit, precipitated the demise of my vegetarian days back in college). Mmmm, dreams of salty, juicy, savory fat! via Culinate
  • Eat too much chicken skin? Analyze your cardio for its butt-sculpting potential. via Women's Health.
  • Commandments for cancer prevention from the Director of the UPitt Cancer Institute: exercise, eat healthily, don't smoke PLUS eat organic produce and limit meat; make your own cleaning products or at least avoid the most toxic ones; limit cellphone, nonstick cookware, and stain repellant use; avoid parabens (preservatives in beauty care products) via EWG
  • Also? If you do get breast cancer, (it's not your fault--my addition) and it's not your personality that's to blame.... Wha? via Jezebel

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Mrs. G. said...

In other words, I need to drink alcohol for my HEALTH? Awesome!