Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dungduggety Mud!

It's been awhile since I visited the Alternative Expletive Project, but it came to mind recently when a mother who curses a blue streak (in front of my kid! BASTion of Indecency!) noted that her (freakishly attuned) child is able to adapt his speech depending on his audience. As in, "Don't step in the (oh wait, grandma is here) dog doo-doo!" That's right, folks, a four year old who is able to decipher not only what's appropriate but to adapt his vernacular based on the context of the situation. Motherflower! I think I may one day enlist him as my speech coach via hidden webcams and tiny microphones. Until then, if it makes you all feel any better, I find this resource mightily entertaining (and so will my 4 year old when I spring some of these on her.... Many thanks to the DC Urban Mom who shared it with the community many years ago.


Laura said...

Ha! I can use that info! My husband totally disapproves of my swearing in front of the (20,15,14yo) kids. But you know, there are times when a satisfying curse is really called for. When the kids were little, we talked about how words were just words and couldn't be "good" or "bad", but using some words could hurt someone's feelings or make them feel bad. My Jesse said that he knew ALL the "bad" words, but wasn't ever going to use them. All that vocabulary wasted. :/

Nora Bee said...

Fishcakes, this is great! Thanks for the site (and the story about that amazing 4 year old).

wrekehavoc said...

oh firetruck! i think i also have an idea about cursing, if you don't mind me adding it: