Thursday, January 31, 2008

Brave New Water

Pigs are flying, folks! We can mix birth control pills, chickenfarm runoff, and drinking water! No more hermaphrodite fish! And soon, no more bottled water!

MamaBird faints with happiness, pledges to name next dog (firstborn already monogrammed) after scientists who figured out how to get rid of hormones during wastewater treatment. via ScienceDaily

Shappell! Heel, Shappell. Now go, Shappell! Go get WASA Jerry. Nip his heels, Shappell. Take him over to the research department. Make him promise to neutralize those hormones before dumping wastewater into the Chesapeake...and while you're at it, see if he can throw a bunch of the catalyst right on into the Bay.

Image courtesy of the Simpson's episode guide at

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