Friday, February 22, 2008

Button Fleurs

Button flowers are a great way to reuse random buttons, beads, and art supplies. All you need is some green florist wire (make sure it's thin enough -- bring a button with you to test). Then thread your buttons (I like putting beads at the very top and also mixing them into the stems) and twist, twist, twist. Sparkly pipe cleaners to tie your bunch together are a bonus.

I originally found (and bought) button flowers on Princess Lasertron's etsy shop, but I think she's in Amsterdam, so instead of keeping her custom order queue lined up into the summer, I decided to teach myself how to make them on my own! I made three bunches of these a couple weeks ago for my Handmade Giveaway. Very satisfying.

Button flowers, IMHO, are the perfect multi-purpose gift. Housewarming? Check. Hostess gift? Check. Kid's birthday party offering? Check. Bouquet for tiny dancer's first ballet recital? Check. Token of love for a 96 year old woman who doesn't need anything but deserves to be showered with attention? Check.

P.S. Altho I wouldn't let them get gnawed on, these flowers are resilient in the hands of tiny monsters. Love 'em!


Jessica said...

You've got to be kidding me - WE HAVE BEEN making these are our house too, copied from the wonderous world of

You are either my bloggy soul sister or my twin in an alternative universe.


MamaBird said...

So hilarious! I heart your blog *so* much that it makes me want to move to Silver Spring, btw. DC needs you!

Susannah said...

As the recipient of one of your bouquets, I can attest that they are very charming.

I have a patch of garden that the boys & I have made into a pebble beach, scattered with sea shells & sea glass & a couple of gnomes -- do you think we could "plant" the button flowers outside in the spring? Can the wire stand up to the rain/watering?

MamaBird said...

I heartily support the outdoor planting idea. Even if they rust, it will add to the charm. I did examine the florist wire closely to see if it had a plastic coating (I didn't want one, you know, I have to overanalyze everything and I had just learned about nuuuuurdles) and I think it does not. I think it's just green paint.

Mrs. G. said...

These are very cool. Is that a new header photo? I love it.

MamaBird said...

Sho nuff is, Mrs. G, as always you are so observant and thoughtful!

marguerite manteau-rao said...

Thanks for stopping by La Marguerite, and for leaving a comment. I am delighted to have discovered your blog. I love the nest metaphor!
'Listening to the Planet'

Princess Lasertron said...

I'm in Omaha, Nebraska! :D