Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hard Wired (to be a) Party Girl

You know how some people's political views seem to fit perfectly into a wide-ranging ethos that includes how black and white (or grey) their world is? And how some other people cannot eat anything at all 'picy? No onions, no peppers, no tomatoes, no garlic... no government intervention in state affairs except for micromanaging people's bedrooms, no handouts except for agribusiness and offshore tax shelters.... Not like those two necessarily fit together. But, just like picky tastebuds, political views may be genetically based (both via Science Daily). Oh, that my personal hard-wiring could help me make the decision about who to vote for in Tuesday's primary....

Some random gender observations that probably won't help determine my vote:

Territorial video games activate male brains' pleasure center more than women's The author isn't shocked: "I think it's fair to say that males tend to be more intrinsically territorial," he said. "It doesn't take a genius to figure out who historically are the conquerors and tyrants of our species-they're the males."
via Science Daily

Women take more (short-term or less than 60 day stretches) sick leave than men, which the authors theorize may have something to do with women taking better preventive measures but my not-so-scientific take on the study was -- duh -- that those women weren't sick themselves,
their children were so they had to stay home (of course, the age range of the women was 40-60 so some of it has to be for other reasons...). via Science Daily

We saw Dave Barry last week and he shared this hilarious exploding whale story (and if it's not a guy story, I don't know what is). I also have Dave to thank for this bad-ass December-May, black-belt, marathon-running female takes-no-crap story as well (via his blog).

But I digress, as usual. Some links to voter guides that might actually help me make up my mind (hope they help, Mor-Mor):

Really, though, I'm loving the choices: Clinton or Obama, even McCain would be a monstrous improvement. This MamaBird was not hard-wired for the current dynasty.


Anonymous said...

you saw dave barry!!!! i'm sooooooo jealous!!!!

i heart dave. i want to have his lovechild. i, i, i, i better go drink some coffee ;-)

MamaBird said...

oh, man, you need to go see him live, then. he is like 60? i guess, bz he kept making fun of himself? and he looks younger than most of the SAHM dads in my nhood (I know, it's not their fault, they get no sleep...)!!