Thursday, August 7, 2008

Pita Chips

I love salt and garlic and abhor the incessant wasting of food that happens right under my nose. So, although it's not rocket science, I will share how easy it was to save a bag of crumbling whole wheat pita bread from certain mold and composterdom.

Garlicky Whole Wheat Pita Chips

1 bag not so soft and fresh but still edible whole wheat pita bread
olive oil spray
garlic powder
dehydrated chopped garlic bits
salt to taste

Rip up pita into chips and arrange on a cookie sheet that fits inside of your grill. Spray the tops with olive oil. Sprinkle with assorted garlic and salt. Wait until you are done grilling your dinner,
turn grill off, place tray on grill rack, and put the cover on. Eat your dinner. After dinner, remove cookie sheet and let cool while you find a movie and regain your appetite. Snack wantonly on chips while watching movie.

Any other favorite recipes from the 'saving it from inedibility' files?


Bobbi said...

Wow - great idea! Chips and crackers are the things I crave the most, but with trying to live more sustainably, I have cut these out of my diet. Your pita chips sounds like the perfect substitute!

The Happy Housewife said...

mmm, these sound delish! I wonder if I could make them in the oven?

MamaBird said...

Bobbi - sounds like you must have a lot of sustainable ideas for *me*!

Toni - I am sure you could make these in the oven. My grill was hot - it has a temp gauge - at least 400 or even hotter to start. Googled pita chips and this looks good for baking purposes:

Going Crunchy said...

Hey Mama Bird, these sound great. Whole lotta healthier too.

Chile said...

Yummy! Just last night, I made bread chips to dip in an eggplant "caviar". I wasn't overly enthused by this bread but thinly sliced and toasted made it into wonderful snackable chips.