Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Why I Don't Pay for (Bottled) Water Anymore

Post up at at BlogHer about why I don't pay for bottled water anymore despite my deeply conflicted feelings about safe hydration. Leave a comment there about why you do or don't buy water.


Anonymous said...

I'm not registered there, so I'll comment here. I cannot stand the taste of D.C. water. I've never lived anywhere before where I've had this problem, but I find myself drinking Deer Park water all week at work from the machine, and then getting dehydrated every weekend because the tap water disgusts me. To avoid that, I'll pay for bottled water.


MamaBird said...

Hey, RPM --

Have you tried using a Brita? I can't drink straight tapwater, either, and I am sure that is what motivated me as a teen when I started filtering Wellesley's water! Or a squeeze of lemon...or lots and lots of ice. My DH theorizes that that's why I load up so much on ice water -- kills the taste?