Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Take Back the Filter Letter Writing Campaign

If you're involved in Beth Terry aka Fake Plastic Fish's Take Back the Filter Campaign, which is urging Clorox to recycle its Brita filters (which it already does in Europe), today would be a good day to send a letter. One of Beth's readers sent her a copy of a letter with a personalized PS from the CEO (a departure, since most of the earlier responses have been form letters). This campaign is small but clear-cut, in my opinion. It may not stem the tide of plastics production or reduce the size of the ocean garbage patch, but it's a simple, achievable goal. Clorox already knows how to recycle its filters. We as consumers want corporations to respect our desire to reduce waste. Seems like a winner. Beth, by the way, is as inspirational in person as she is online. Calm, funny, and kind. It was so great to meet you at BlogHer and to have lunch on Union Square!

Here's the link to the campaign's sample letter and below is my letter if you want to steal it (EGirl put the stamps on herself!):

August 6, 2008

Don Knauss, CEO

The Clorox Company

1221 Broadway

Oakland, CA 94612

Dear Mr. Knauss:

I’m a reader of Beth Terry’s Fake Plastic Fish and a blogger myself. A parent of two young children, I am highly motivated by environmental concerns and after much research have decided that filtering tap water is the healthiest and most sustainable option for our family. This is after years of paying for bottled water for my kids. I am aware, for instance, that the Brita filters and pitchers are made of safer plastics.

I say this to you to note that, as a mother, I carefully research all of the products we buy – especially those related to our drinking water-- from a health and environmental perspective. I warrant other mothers hold similar opinions about toxins in their water supply and that we are a market you’d like to keep.

Sometimes, environmental campaigns are vague and difficult to accomplish. In the case of recycling Brita filters, it seems as though Clorox has already implemented a solution in a different market (Europe). Please respond to your loyal customer base (I’ve been using Brita filters since high school) by providing us the same recycling options you’ve given other customers. I must say, I am trying to use as little plastic as possible, so if you could offer a glass pitcher option, I’d love it.

Thanks so much for your time.



eco 'burban mom said...

Sounds like progress! The letter I received after writing four different people was certainly a form letter. Last week I sent Beth two used Brita filters for her campaign, she is doing great work!! I supposed I could write again, maybe I will just sign my hubby's name!! ;o)

Anonymous said...

What a great letter! Thanks, Mama Bird. I really enjoyed meeting you too and hope that we can get together again the next time I come visit my family back east.