Friday, May 16, 2008

Join the Make It From Scratch Blog Carnival

I'll be hosting the Make It From Scratch blog carnival next week (Tuesday), so if you'd like to submit an entry (note that you don't have to cook! it could be anything you make from the basics, my frugal, environmentally conscious, creative friends), shoot it my way before the weekend's over. Heck, for you readers, I'll take 'em on Monday, too, but you'd have to email it to me directly for me to get them. Here's the carnival guidelines:

Share the things you make from scratch. No strict definition of scratch here, use your own judgment. (Only one post per blog per week please!)
I can't tell what I'm posting yet (it's a secret) but the entries already have my mouth watering.



Minnesota Matron said...

Just popped onto the make-from-scratch web site and wow: super idea. I wish I did more, although I am proud to say that we cook real food in this house AND never ever buy new when recycled will do (had to add that).

Going Crunchy said...

O.k., I'll think.

Laura said...

That is so cool. Hmm. It has me scratching my head. (No, no lice here. Yet.) Well, we use lots of vinegar for our cleaning. Not a lot of processed food, although the teens here aren't restricted from that stuff.
I glue my pencil stubbs together to extend them. I'll explain this during the carnival. Those colored pencils cost 1.25, and using up the stubbs save me bucks. Is that making a pencil extender from scratch??

eco 'burban mom said...

Best. 40th. Birthday. Present. Ever. I made - from scratch - a felt envelope using leftover halloween costume felt and some old scrapbook paper. The envelope contained 40 handwritten wishes for my husband - from each of our 4 boys and myself. Some were silly - like "I wish you a homerun at wiffle ball" and others very thoughtful "I wish you no stress at work". Homemade and worth every penny!