Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beckham Bends Brain

Cockroaches the world over are cheering the carbon creation of LA fuckwit footballer David Beckham and wife Victoria, who have won the dubious honor of the world's most enormous carbon footprint. For the second time.

What's a jet-setting celeb couple to do? Carbon offsets are trendy and lucrative these days, but the Federal Trade Commission's set to study the industry to see if the companies involved are legit (story via NPR). For example, were the companies already going to reduce their carbon emissions anyways to, say, save money, before they double dipped by selling that puppy? Are they selling offsets to multiple bidders? Should the Beckhams consider paring down their fleet of their fifteen cars in addition to turning to professional greenwashers?

Treehugger's got comprehensive advice for carefully offsetting carbon use -- and notes that offsets are not a Get Out of Jail Free card for a planet needing to slam on the brakes of consumption and warming -- plus a wealth of background info, from the climate-neutrality of Syriana to a comparative look at carbon offset entities, non-profit and for-profit alike (via Ecobusinesslinks.

In case you're curious where the presidential candidates stand on Posh's flight plans enviro issues, here, here, and here, are green election guides.

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