Thursday, July 10, 2008

Healthy Summer Treat: Frozen Banana Milk

So, this really should be an organic, local, sustainable treat like this strawberry milk I made the second I heard about it (milk + strawberries+ice). But EGirl decided it was inedible (ok, I confess, I substituted ice for the sugar). So, instead of sustainably harvested berry milk, we went for frozen banana milk. Good way to keep from chucking out food you buy, though!

When your bananas are a little too soft and brown to eat (in my case, my organic bananas, even if they're not on the top 10 list of most-pesticide-ridden fruits, since it's my only saving grace -- we all know I don't have a banana tree down in my community garden plot), peel 'em and chuck 'em in the freezer.

Now? When your kid is hot and bothered? Grab a couple bananas from the freezer, 8 oz of milk (whole, organic, local, grassfed, the whole 9 yards) and sock it through your blender. Mmmmmmmm. And if you can convince your kid to use local fruits, I'll toast to you! If they're fresh you can just add ice to make your slushy. No sugar needed, but cinnamon and vanilla are nice in the banana milk.

*Image courtesy of sxc.

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De in D.C. said...

We like to add a squirt of (local) honey to our banana shakes/milk, and sometimes a scoop of (organic, but not local) peanut butter.

My favorite combo however, is homemade yogurt, honey, and ripe mango; a la Lassi. No, mangoes don't grow in my suburban backyard, but I will indulge occasionally. (Or visit my aunt and uncle in FL, where mangoes DO grow in their backyard.)