Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Going Green Yahoogroup - Join It!

I'm not sure if I've ever posted about Burbanmom - but I can tell you that I read her blog avidly. She lives not far from me (ok, a little further south), in a -- you guessed it -- suburban community. Don't let that lull you into a false sense of security, though, she's an excellent taskmaster and has no shame when it comes to greening her own life or, via her new group, yours. That's why I want to so wholeheartedly recommend that you join her in Going Green with Burbanmom.

For those of you who belong to the old-school DC Urban Moms list, or local neighborhood listservs, this group is just like 'em. Except that it's peopled by folks who joke about composting landlords who won't allow green gardening efforts to get off the ground. No, seriously, it's a group of fellow trying-to-be-green folks (all of them in various stages of conservation but most of them, as far as I can tell, most definitely darker green than me! Which is all good, right, more for me to learn!).

It's not too late to join in -- Burbanmom's first two challenges were to green your energy choices (more on that soon, I promise) and to start line drying. I b'lieve she even said the words, "Stop whining about bird poop." SIGH. I just today bought a fold-away rack that I can install above our bathtub (every little bit counts, eh?) and I am going to look into a retractible multi-line drying system for our sun porch.

So anyhoo (heh heh), if you want to join an active group of folks who will email you advice on all your green questions (like my recent query about what to use to fill up some stuffed animals I've been making without resorting to polyfill, plaintive request for suggestions of specific projects to green an elementary school, and musing about whether rain barrels will attract mosquitoes -- all questions for which I am still actively soliciting answers), send an email to Going_Green_With_Burbanmom-subscribe@yahoogroups.com (no need to have any message) or check it out here!

Thanks so much to 'Burbs for setting up such a useful resource. Let's all take advantage of it -- and each other -- to muddle our way through to greener lives.

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Burbanmom said...

Hey Mama! Thanks for the link! We got two new members from it -- putting us over 100!!!


Going Crunchy said...

Cool! I read the blog and like the humor. Shannon