Tuesday, December 11, 2007

How To Fold Towel Elephants

Maybe I should turn this into a series? Cheap ways to thrill your kids? Check out this link for super cute origami towel animals. And yes, I am filing this away in the so-cute-but-no-chance-in-h$%&-it-will-ever-happen category too. As you can see, though, I am keeping my inner Martha alive and hopeful.


Mrs. G. said...

This is too cute. My inner Martha is singing happy tunes.

Susannah said...

OK, I tried this with sliced turkey and it totally worked! Both kids ate it all up, crowing, "I'm eating an elephant foot, now I'm eating his trunk!"

MamaBird said...

OK, Susannah, you so totally rule! I am definitely going to try this with turkey... leave it to you to elephant out of the box.

ScrappyUntechie - Mitch@MyTroops.com said...


The hotel we stayed at in Mexico did this for us. We have always wondered about "the secret" to making these elephants. Thank you for finding the scoop!