Sunday, December 23, 2007

Crafty New Year

Thanks to BeanPaste, author of the unparalleled blogpost chronicling her husband's dire Crouton Lung diagnosis, I've been inspired to gift something handmade to three lovely readers. I love handmade stuff for many reasons: its individuality in our cookie-cutter world, its tendency to reuse/recycle materials, its potential to support indy and sometimes SAHparent artists, and, of course, its lure for bored 4 year olds needing pleasant indoor activities.

So without further ado, I announce my very first give away! All you have to do is be one of the first three readers to post a comment below.

If you live nearby, I would vouchsafe that this will be something culinary in nature. Further away? Hard to say, but it will be amusing to see the result (I love crafts but tend to create limited quantities of things, never really achieving mastery). Please include your email so I can be sure to contact you to get mailing info.

I will mail the handmade gifts out early in the New Year.


nickg said...

hmmm- i feel a little sheepish posting my first comment in order to GET something, but i am intrigued by the 'handmade' theory and coincidentally(?) i also did some handicraft this season and gladly offer it in exchange! yay!
happy holidays all!

Susannah said...

The main thing that I'm hoping for is the contact info for your dairy! But I'd love to get the craft, too :) Please use my alternate account: fox3807(at)

Anonymous said...

a week late, and still no one has claimed the third and final prize!!

Can I pick mine up in person?


MamaBird said...

Aw, how fabulous! 3 of my favorite people... have to start plotting my craft...