Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let's Keep Handmade In Business

I'm musing at the Green Phone Booth today about the new craft and toy safety regulations that may put lots of independent artists out of business in February if we don't speak up. Check out my post - I link to some great background reads on the issue and to ways take action to keep our kids' toys (and one-of-a-kind clothing) safe and unique.


Green Me said...

Wow. I haven't actually been to your blog for a bit. Beautiful design! I love the Green Phone Booth btw -- the fact that you don't have to blog everyday must be a relief.(I mean that in a good way!)

Liz said...

Love the new look! And I hope that law an be amended as to not put people out of business!

Green Mamma said...

I too am saddened to hear the potential consequences for small businesses and second hand stores due to this law; as Liz wrote, I truly hope this law is amended to keep small business in business and to allow us to keep goods in the cycle (and out of landfills).