Thursday, October 9, 2008

Alternatives to Neon Electrolyte Drinks

In case one of your tiny loved ones gets the barfing flu this winter (can you believe I just wished that on you?!), I thought I would pass along my recent research on non-neon electrolyte beverages. When EGirl was feeling terrible recently, I decided that the last thing her system needed while it was down and out was a whole mess of artifical colors, flavors, and sweeteners. Naturally, I turned to twitter for advice.

Thanks so much to the many people who helped me out. It turns out that you can make your own electrolyte concoctions, or purchase coconut water at Whole Paycheck or find this premade organic electrolyte drink. I did the first of the two options. I will have to admit that EGirl has tasted Gatorade before so she looked at these drinks like they were rat piss after one sip. I figured she was fine with just water, a little of the electrolyte, and some banana for potassium. Maybe the premade will help us out in the future! Worth a shot with your own kid, though.

Also, you should know there is a natural version of jello (anyone know how to make it with gelatine and fruit juice?), and we always hit up the probiotics for tummy troubles. Now to 'splain to CBoy that the white flour products in the house aren't coming back for awhile. His refrain of WANT COOKIE (animal crackers) is going to get ignored for a bit while we move back into the land of fiber. Hope you and yours are transitioning to fall with happy tummies.

*Photo courtesy of sxc.


Professor J said...

Sorry about the flu. Yes, water and bananas sounds good to me.

Maya said...

good to know; I was lucky and just relied on breastmilk for several years.

MamaBird said...

Thanks for your kind words, Prof J.

Maya, thanks for pointing that out! While you are still nursing, breastmilk is magical for keeping babies/toddlers hydrated and meeting their nutritional needs. If you have that as an option, it's your #1 electrolyte! ;)

BananaBlueberry said...

good stuff!

I have to admit- my husband is a firm believer in Gatorade when our little one is sick (to hydrate) and I (embarrassingly) never thought of an alternative-
but now I can work on it :)

Meagan Francis said...

I'll have to make some of my own electrolyte drink for when I'm in labor! Though I really hate the taste...that stuff WORKS.

eco 'burban mom said...

Oh, I dread the barfing. I live with 4 boys and a husband. That species (sorry to the guy readers!) is the whiniest, most dramatic and whimpy group EVER. It huuurts. I don't feeeel good. I haaaaate being sick. And, of course it goes from one boy to another, to another and so on. By the time I catch the flu, everyone is on the mend and no one cares about me! :o)

I typically shy away from the gatorade and go with water, dry toast and bananas. Which I usually end up cleaning right back up off the floor. Isn't it amazing that 12 year old boys still can't manage to hit the barf bucket?!? UGH.

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

i tend to buy "recharge" from vitamin cottage for our electrolyte drink, though i admit breastmilk has been the electrolyte drink of choice in the past. i've heard about making your own drinks, but haven't attempted it yet.

hope everyone is feeling better!

Mrs. Tcheuffa said...

Even cheaper and easier is:

1 glass water
2 T Lemon juice
pinch of salt
Stevia, honey, or agave nectar to taste.

lemon juice provides potassium, salt provides sodium and chloride, water provides hydration, and adjust the sweetener to your energy needs at the time.