Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Take Back The Filter: Clorox Should Recycle Britas in the US, Too!

This is a pretty simple action (thanks Fake Plastic Fish!) that will help close the loop on Brita filters' production cycle. European consumers can recycle their Brita filters but here in North America, we can't.

Beth Terry and some of her compadres have set up a website to guide you through the action cycle but basically, if you're annoyed Brita filter users who don't have a super skinny drill bit handy to refill your own filter with activated charcoal (seriously!) you'll want to:

Go sign the petition to Clorox. Then, if you're feeling extra motivated, you'll want to send Clorox a letter, and finally, you should save your old filters and mail them in 'cause Beth's going to give them back to Clorox at their HQ in Oakland.
Here's the text I slapped into the comment box when I signed the petition, if you want to just echo MamaBird:
"Please let US consumers recycle their filters like European consumers already can. What a waste! Plastic in the landfills will *never go away*! Take responsibility for closing your manufacturing loop, Clorox. --A Brita pitcher user satisfied with the product but outraged at the abdication of disposal responsibility by Clorox."


Nicole said...

I read about this over at Fake Plastic Fish yesterday and then forgot to go sign the petition. Thanks for the reminder!

MamaBird said...

Sure thing - and I love your blog! It's called Pinch My Salt for those of you who can't click through via her profile. Yummy strawberry milk recipe!

Janet said...

Thanks for this info! I forwarded it on to a friend who has been using these filters for years.

Read about you over on Mrs. G.'s :-)